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connection to Mysql Database on humbug


connection to Mysql Database on humbug

I have php installed at home on my pc which interacts with apache server also on my own pc works great

What i would like to know is wether it is possible to connect to humbug using php on my homebased pc Huh Probably a really dumb question where i probably dont understand the software model

Can anyone tell me wether this is possible and if so how ??

If not can someone explain why this is not possible Huh

I can achieve connection on crofters to the db so that all works but what id like to do is be able to make connection to the db from scripts based on my own pc for test purposes without having to duplicate the db at home Shockedops:

Please reply to " Ps trying to learn please be patient " lol

connection to Mysql Database on humbug


(I'll copy this to an email for you!)

Short answer is yes you can.

All you should need to do, is specify the server name, database name and the username / password cobination (supplied to you by F9) in the database connection string - it is best to have this as a variable that is included from a file that can't be accessed directly - there have been some threads about this in the CGI forum - it may also be worth looking at the PlusNet forums on this.

This Passwords and stuff thread shows how to include a file with passwords.

There's a topic that covered using .htaccess or file permissions to 'hide' the file that had the username / password combination in - I can't find it right now, so if anyone else has, please add a reply!

There are client tools out there e.g. which allow you to connect to MySQL databases remotely, and is a good way to test connection from your PC to your F9 hosted MySQL database. It's also very useful for loading or backing up data!

Hope that helps.