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connection only works when dial up connection active....


connection only works when dial up connection active....

basically i'm unable to use my broadband Premier service to any websites, unless a dial up connection is in use on the phoneline.

it first occured last night at around 7pm, disconnections every 10 minutes or so, followed by a total loss of service use at around 9pm. throughout all this the router has stated it has still got a connection.

its quite frustrating to basically have to pay twice to be able to use my connection; Force9's standard monthly fee and at the moment also my dial up one. if anyone else has had this problem, how did they fix it?

connection only works when dial up connection active....

Is this a new BB account? Is this as an effect of a speed upgrade? What is actually happening? Are pages timing out, is the router synched?

Not much to go on at the moment, but if you post some more details, someone may be able to help.



connection only works when dial up connection active....

had the 2mb connection for about...1 and 1/2 months, and this is the first time i've had a problem.

anything that required the net said it wasnt connected, but my network card says its connected and was sending data (as does the router itself), just receiving very little back and everything just kept timing out.

basically im going to be experimenting some more with it today to see what i can figure. but i havent changed any settings past the original account ones i was given.

i'm hoping its just something that fixes itself, but the main reason i'd put this up was to see if anyone else had this problem at one point or another, as its mainly the fact it seems to work perfectly when a dial up connection is active on the phoneline (from another pc) but when the dial-up connection isnt there it doesnt load any webpages or im programs or anything.

edit: curiously enough, its now started working normally again. i wonder if BT were messing around with my local exchange or something similar, but it was rather strange that it wasnt working properly for around 12-16 hours.

connection only works when dial up connection active....

it may have just been your dns-cache had spammed, this kind happen quite easily.

what i would do if you have the modem on the same machine as your adsl modem is to remove the standard modem, ensure the settings in your browser are set to always on.

next open a command prompt and enter the following

ipconfig /flushdns
nbtstat -R

this will clear your current cache and reload the routing information, and you should then being able to access net without problems