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I ordered a domain (you know, the one for only £1 more a month) and I was wondering, If I choose my domain (e.g: could I change it? (e.g


Re: Domain Name Changes?

I think the first thing you have to do in this kind of situation is to check first to see if someone else has the domain name you want to change it too? There are various domain name websites that allow you to do this. Sorry! I apologise because I dont have the websites URL's to hand for you. Do contact me if you need them or if they will be helpful. (

Secondly, I think you would have to talk to technical support here at F9 about your name change on your current domain (assuming you have a domain named 123435,etc.). I think it might be more too do with the domain name TAG
which is held bye F9 as your ISP as the domain name is hosted bye F9 I assume.

** I guess that at the end of the day it does depend on what you intend to use your domain name for. (i.e. just for hosting your own home pages or some other form of website, or a commercial or semi commercial site?) So the purpose does matter.


I would have thought it unlikely that you will be allowed to change it, as Force9 will have paid money for a one-year registration of that domain name, and they're stuck with it for a year -- they can't get their money back.

Many account types allow you to have several domains hosted by Force9 (say, up to three domains) so there's nothing stopping you from registering another domain name (which can be done for less than £12 for the year), and then transferring it in.

Well, I haven't chosen a domain name yet, I wanted to get the domain and link it to the website I already have (e.g so it would change to something shorter (

I already got the domain for £1 extra a month, just haven't chosen it yet.

Checking Domain Names?

Hi Womersley,

You can check that the domain name you want to have isnt taken (owened) by someone else at the following site:-

This is who I purchased one of my domain names from. Hope this helps?

Ivan Cool