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I've received an email saying that I have visited 30 illegal websites, which I know I haven't!
I've also received emails saying that I have registered with various companies including Talk21 - I don't even know who this company is and I haven't visited their website!!!
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Registered: 30-07-2007

Sober is now considered the "largest virus outbreak of the year" according to F-Secure...
..Please do not have your AV software reply to viruses. All commonly seen viruses use fake 'From:' headers. Rumor has it that is having a hard time keeping up with all the bounces in the first place...None of these does anything new or fancy. They all try to trick users into executing the attached ZIP file. The best defense at this point is probably to strip ZIP file attachments.
The subjects and the body text vary widely. Many of them suggest that the attachment was sent by some government authority (FBI, CIA) and requests that you open it in order to verify some charges brought against you. A version in German refers to the 'BKA' (German equivalent of FBI). Other versions claim to be sent by banks and ask you to open an attachment to verify account details.

List of Links:

McAfee (currently Low risk) W32/Sober@MM!M681

F-Secure (Radar Level 2) Sober.Y

Sophos (low risk) W32/Sober-{X, Z}

Computer Associates (Medium risk) Win32.Sober.W

Panda Antivirus (Medium risk) Sober.Y