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christmas quiz!

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christmas quiz!

what happend on the 26th august 2005? @ 11:39 am?
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christmas quiz!

I don't know! Anything to do with this at around that period? (nothing to do with Christmas, though-- more to do with humbug!)
Your username: shellsong

Dear Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx,

The email sent to you this evening (Subject "Changes to your PlusNet Terms and Conditions") contained links to the updated Terms and Conditions for your service.

This email was sent prematurely, as these pages will not be available on our website until tomorrow.

Please accept our apologies for emailing this notification to you in advance of the pages being available.

Kind regards,
Customer Support

The email referred to said
This email is to let you know that we are making some changes to your PlusNet Terms and Conditions. We are making them shorter and easier to understand, as well as introducing some new features to our network.

Summary of changes:

We have made a number of changes aimed at improving our relationship with our customers.

- Ensuring that our Terms and Conditions comply fully with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, giving you peace of mind when buying from us.
- Reinforcement of our commitment to giving you 'reasonable notice' of any changes, upgrades or alterations to the service.

We have also made a number of changes to the Acceptable Use Policy. The changes mean that we can continue to provide our customers with an excellent quality broadband experience, particularly during peak hours.

- Introduction of 'idle time-outs' for Broadband Plus and ADSL Home Surf customers. This means that we will disconnect any sessions that are inactive for a period of thirty minutes. As long as your connection is in active use, you will not be disconnected. If you are disconnected you will be able to reconnect straight away.
- Introduction of traffic prioritisation techniques to all broadband accounts. This will ensure that we can continue to deliver an excellent and consistent service, particularly at peak times, for customers using time-sensitive applications such as VoIP, email, web browsing and gaming.

You can view the new Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy at

These new Terms and Conditions will replace all existing Terms and Conditions on Friday 16th September 2005. We will assume that you accept these new Terms and Conditions unless you contact us by this date to indicate otherwise. If you do not wish to accept these new Terms and Conditions please use the Contact Us tool.

...and then the story really started! Evil
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christmas quiz!

There were 227 users online which was the most ever. Hmm but where are they all now?
Just send my winnings on :!: Cheesy
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Re: christmas quiz!

what happend on the 26th august 2005? @ 11:39 am?

IIRC the forums were having a paddy and people were having trouble staying logged in Ironic huh?
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christmas quiz!

Yes I think thats the case. Wonder how long it will take to beat it though. IIRC it had stayed on 200 for over 18 months, that happened due to the poo hitting the fan and a big ADSL problem occured Smiley