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blocking network folders


blocking network folders

At my college I am allocated my personal hard drive on the network (well hard disk space anyway) . However, when I check the space I see that the network adminstrstor has added a folder called mcmplus. It purely for history students of which I am not one of. I can delete this but it simply re-appears the next time i log in. Anyone know how to stop it re-appearing for good?


reading your thread about your home folder space and HDD quotas on your college server. I strongly doubt that you will have the required level of network admins permssions to really delete this folder (delete it completely forever). You may think you have deleted it but I doubt you have. The folder probably reappears, as it might be a network system or application system folder and so is required either by the server or a major application you use or have access to.

i.e. its there for a very good reason and although you may not like it (may hate the fact that it exsists) its required for something important that you cannot see directly. Hope that makes sense! You may just have to live with the darn thing!!

Ivan Cool