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binatone adsl 2000 & linux


binatone adsl 2000 & linux


I've had this running smooth for months now in win2k. i'm trying to set up for a net install of gentoo. using the minimal iso it detects my ethernet, but no connection. this is the first time i've used linux since my 56k modem days and am not sure about connection settings in net-setup. according to gentoo I need

Your IP address

this is the log from the binatone set up:

6/20/2004 0:55:22> Received time from Time Server
0:0:34> PPP1 Session is up.
0:0:34> No Static Session Information is defined.
0:0:34> Initialized NAT Virtual Servers.
0:0:34> Initialized Dynamic NAPT.
0:0:34> NAT/NAPT Session Start: interface ppp1, WAN IP is
0:0:34> PPP1: DNS Secondary IP address is
0:0:34> PPP1: DNS Primary IP address is
0:0:34> PPP1: PPP Gateway IP address is
0:0:34> PPP1: PPP IP address is
0:0:34> PPP CHAP Authentication success
0:0:27> PPP1 PPPoA Connected
0:0:27> ADSL connected
0:0:27> ATM layer is up, cell delineation achieved
0:0:27> ATM Connected
0:0:0> CfgMgr: 'Shtm.dlz' module loaded.
0:0:0> Dynamic NAPT is enabled
0:0:0> ATM: Setting up vcc0, VPI=0, VCI=38
0:0:0> ATM: Detected
0:0:0> Ethernet Device 0 Detected

if ny1 has any ideas or suggestions i'd appreciate it. i've used mandrake & suse on 56k, but neither will detect my broadband OR my ethernet. I've seen gentoo working and even tho' i'm a relative noob, i want to get my 'hands dirty'.

all i need is to get the internet connection up and i can play from there.

sys specs:
epox 8rda+ rev 2.0
2800 barton @ 10x220
1 gig twinmos/twinmos 43b (2x512)
3ware escalade 7000 raid 0, 2x diamondmax +8 - win2k boots from the raid
120 gig diamondmax +9 - on ide 0(1)