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betsie parser


betsie parser

Has anyone had any success installing the BBC betsie parser on the ccgi server? It's a perl script which produces a text-only version of the page which calls it.

If I call the script from a page within a directory (foo/index.html), it fails to find the referring page. If I call it from the index.html page in the root directory, it produces a text-only copy of the free-online portal; although this only happens if the browser calls the full URL ending with "index.html". Simply calling the root of my ccgi server causes betsie to produce a 404 error.

This script works fine on my local Mac OSX Apache server.


Since I first posted this, I've noticed that /index.html and /foo/index.html now both call a parsed version of the portal, which then changes immediately to the portal homepage - weird!