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[b]Firewall Security[/b]


[b]Firewall Security[/b]

Hi Force9 Users.

I have just purchased the Broadband Office 1000 stater pack which I have to say is excellent.

I have a small office network connected via a hub which my ADSL router (Solwise SAR130) hangs off and this connects directly to the Force9 portal. I am concerned about security especially viruses and spam from other websites. All the PC's are running Norton Antivirus s/w but I am still not sure that this is enough.

1. Do I need a Firewall?
2. Can any1 recommend a good choice.?

Many Thanks in advance. JD

replying re: Firewalls

In answer to your questions:-

1)Most definately 100% Yes!! dead certain you NEED A FIREWALL ASAP!!
and this will protect your network & PC's behined the firewall once installed and working.

2) The firewall I would most highly recommend to you is ZoneLabs freeware
firewall (however although version 3.0 or above are good I personally dont like the interface at all which is a subjective issue)

The main reason I recommend the ZoneLabs freeware firewall called ZoneAlarm is that it uses the "stateful packet inspection" technique which is THE most secure and proven technique for firewalling. You can also test how good this product is on a number of security websites such as ShieldsUp's site. Time & time again my firewall tests are consistantly excellent.

If your interested in ZoneAlarm I would recommend one of the earlier versions which dont have all the current extra bells & whistles most of which are not required. I use ZoneAlarm version 2.61 and can offer you a copy of this excellent product (set it and forget it, well almost!!) let me know if you would like a copy of ZoneAlarm version 2.61 email me at

Best Regards Ivan Cool

[b]Firewall Security[/b]

An ADSL Modem/Router with sophisticated NAT and firewall functions, supports IPsec VPN and IKE. Extremely easy to set-up with exemplary online support and documentation. Includes: 1.8m ADSL modem lead, Serial Cable 9/9, 1.8m LAN cable, CD with Solwise Setup Guide.

The SAR130 uses the new Viking 2 chipset which offers an improved instruction set and higher performance. Initially functionality for the SAR130 is the same as the SAR110 however the extra capabilities of the Viking 2 chipset has increased performance for possible future expansion.

You already have a firewall -- the SAR130, and as well as the router's firewall facility, the NAT functionality of the router effectively counters much nefarious activity which might be attempted.

Your router is your first line of defence, working at the perimeter of your network and keeping the crackers at arm's length, and (in my view) ensuring the firewall is configured for your needs should be your first concern in this matter.

Whether you need more protection than this is a decision you will need to make. With several users there is a possibility that someone may download something onto their PC (ie it would be allowed by the SAR130's firewall) without realising it's malicious. If the SAR130 is you only line of defence, then your other PCs would be vulnerable to anything which does get through, for whatever reason.

This is where Ivan's / cyteck's ZoneAlarm comes into play, providing security for individual PCs within your network. The price of this protection, though, is the extra work you will need to do to allow your own PCs to communicate with one another.

So, the SAR130 provides first level, overall area defence for your network as a whole; ZoneAlarm provides second-level, point defence of individual nodes within your network.

[b]Firewall Security[/b]

Thank you both Ivan / cytek and solwise for taking the time out to advise. I will go through the Solwise manual and see what it is setup to do.

Kind Regards - Jason