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autolog on not working


autolog on not working

when i signed up to plusnet i enabled the autolog on system and it worked fine.

i then at a later date emptied my temp internet files and cookies and now every time i reactivate autolog in it states its accepted it but when i closedown browser and reopen it i have to log on again. please can anyone help.
i have my settings set to accept all cookies
and am running xp pro thanks

RE: autolog on not working

First off, the stats system does use standard cookies, and login data isn't deleted this way.

Pages that user the authenticate header, and pop open the authentication window, use the internal windows password and security database (*.pwl files in win9* systems, unsure about XP, though they are stored in the same type of location).

Closing your browser, and the cache, will only clear the list of recently visited and authenticated sites, thus requiring you to re-login.

Once the "remember password" box is ticked, it's a simple matter of hitting return each tiem it is displayed.

However, if the caching option of windows has been disabled internaly (registry hack/edit), then regardless of the state change in the "remember password" box, it will not remember/cache it.

You will need to look into any other changes/security tweaks you may have applied.

Additionaly, MS have just addressed (within the past month), an issues with authentication, failing/re-requesting when two pages in a simalar domain (or security zone as windows calls it), are using two or more, unique realms (IE, seperate passworded areas).