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You need XP service pack 1!!!! WHAT!!!!!!


You need XP service pack 1!!!! WHAT!!!!!!

I just opened the box for my nice new broadband modem and what did i see? A paper note, that could have previously been brought to my attention BEFORE upgrading my account...telling me that i need XP SP1 for my modem to work!

I'm not happy.

Why the wait until telling me? How exactly am i supposed to download it without the internet...oh's the use pay as you go!!!! Now what a way to make money if ever i heard it.

Does anyone know what part of the service pack we need? I have some SP1 upgrades already but my connection (thought i'd try it anyway) is very slow. It works...that's something...but why slowly? Surely a connection is a connection?... Puzzled.

Anyway if you know why you need SP1 please let me know so that i can try and get the individual update part rather than the whole lot.