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You learn something new every day


You learn something new every day

Hi All

I have been following the P2P debate in these forums for quite a while now, and whilst not entering into the rights and wrongs of it; have found the subject interesting.

But this morning (Sat) I was browsing through another ISP's messages on "ADSL guide" and learned about anti P2P groups.

I am not up to speed on the technicalities of P2P as I use it myself; but in an extrememly limited form. But if I may quote from one of the posts.

"I run a tracker and at one point, it was attacked and a torrent was flooded by 8 groups of class C IP addresses (that totals about 2000 different IPs)"

would someone who understands P2P better than I, kindly give me a quick and simple explaination as to what possable effect that would have on someones download.
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You learn something new every day

Please can you post a link to the thread on ADSL Guide.


You learn something new every day

This one

The original posters comment was what caught my eye....... if you were sailing close to a monthly limit whatever it was that happened maybe just enough to push you over, by a reasonable ammount.