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XP File Folder Problems


XP File Folder Problems

Hi swaine,

Which version of XP are you using Home or Pro? Yes! I'm sure the problem here IS with Windows explorer settings, file and folder options. However you may need to be logged into XP as the local machines administrator (use your admin username & pass) inorder to have the required level of user permissions & rights to permanently change the required settings. (hence the previous attempts failed, no it wont give you any reason or error messaging either!!).

**Basically from what you have described windows XP & explorer have had the settings modified some how and I suspect this is at the windows registry level which is also why its much harder to undo the settings. If your an experienced windows user and completely confident at editing the XP registry then its not that problematic to reverse such settings, provided you know exactly which key and values to edit (otherwise if your not comfortable with the registry editor leave well alone, as its very easy to screwup the entire machine if you make a mistake in the registry).

**Yes! run a program like Lavasoft's AdAware or spybot search & destory over your system is very sensible, settings like this can be easily altered by malware or spyware so its prudent to check for that using such tools.


XP File Folder Problems

We are having a problem when opening folders. When we click on a folder it opens a new window in search mode when it used to display the folder contents in the existing window. The shortcut menu also has search as the top item.
We have looked under folder options and file types to try and change things but without success.

Can anyone help as this is a real pain and no doubt the answer is simple.

Thanks Sad

XP File Folder Problems

First thing, if you're sure no-one there has changed the settings you should take precautions against adware and viruses, if you haven't already done so. I tend to be naturally suspicious if settings apparently change of their own accord.

The obvious first setting that I suspect you've probably checked, under Folder Options, General tab, Browse folders section, "Open each folder in the same window".

Second thing that might be worth checking, under File Types, select file type Folder (extension NONE) and click Advanced. What actions do you have listed, other than (presumably) explore and open? You could try, though it may have other side effects, selecting explore and clicking Set Default to see if that solves the problem of it apparently searching by default.


XP File Folder Problems

Thanks for your reply Peter.

We have already checked what you have suggested and also looked at the settings on another computer with XP SP2 and they match although the other computer works as expected. We have even tried to add open to the folder setting without success.
As for adware we use 3 different programmes to clear those problems and a CA antivirus programme that has served us wellover the years.

If you or anyone else has any further thoughts we would be grateful.

We feel sure that there must be some way of changing the menu settings.