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Wot! No bin Laden?


Wot! No bin Laden?

I'm very disappointed!

Having seen reviews of today's front pages on the late night news programmes yesterday, I was fully expecting some exciting developments today, based on the lead story in the Sunday Express:

Sunday Express front page, 2004-02-22

Pretty heady stuff, it would seem, but I've heard nothing more all day, so what's going on? Today, the Express website has an article "Hunt for al-Qaeda Chief Intensifies" which gives no indication at all of his imminent capture -- just the rather bland "The operation comes amid rising speculation in the local press that the US military is planning a spring offensive in Afghanistan to capture bin Laden."

Is this some hocus-pocus concocted by the Express to help bolster sales? Should Hutton be called in to deal with them?

Perhaps the story about the SAS having cornered an evil warloard is completely separate from the bin Laden story? Something tells me the evil warlord could be the editor of the Sunday Express...

Wot! No bin Laden?

Well, it seems this story is just too good to resist, and the Daily Telegraph has seen fit to join in:

Daily Telegraph front page, 2004-03-20

All I know about the story is what I can read on the image (snapped from a TV broadcast) -- essentially the main heading and some of the words in the sub-heading which seems to read "100 [I assume a leading 1 has been chopped off the side] elite troops are sent to Afghanistan as net closes on al-Qa'eda leader".

At first sight, this might seem to support the Sunday Express story, but surely, if the SAS is only now joining the hunt, then it wasn't in the hunt a month ago when the Sunday Express reported bin Laden to be "trapped like a rat"?

I'm interested to note the Daily Telegraph is on first name terms with bin Laden, but the Sunday Express seems not to be.