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Works in my sql 4 but not 3.27????


Works in my sql 4 but not 3.27????

this doesnt work on the force 9 server live any ideas? but it does work locally and all information is the same in the database?

Internet Server - 3.23.56 1
Local Server - 4.0.14-nt 1

so is there any way i can make this sql work in both versions?


SELECT tblprojects.projectid, tblprojects.projectname, tblprojects.projecticon, tblprojects.projecttext, tblservicedata.servicedataid, tblprojectassociations.projectassociationid, tblprojectassociations.projectid, tblprojectassociations.servicetypeid FROM tblprojects INNER JOIN (tblprojectassociations INNER JOIN tblservicedata ON tblprojectassociations.servicetypeid=tblservicedata.servicedataid) ON tblprojectassociations.projectid=tblprojects.projectid GROUP BY tblprojects.projectid

many thanks

Hope this helps

INNER JOIN and , (comma) are semantically equivalent. Both do a full join between the tables used. Normally, you specify how the tables should be linked in the WHERE condition
- Taken from MySQL Reference Manual

Not sure if this is any help as im not much of an expert in the field of MySQL but I think you may only be able to specify 'ON' clauses on other types of JOIN.

Im having trouble working round union statements as they are only available in v4.00 but i'll get there eventually. Do you agree there should be a forum for MySQL alone?

Hope this helps in some way and i haven't waffled on too much (sorry Shockedops: )

Works in my sql 4 but not 3.27????

What happens if you try it without the GROUP BY clause?