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Word transfer and download


Word transfer and download

How sad and stupid do i feel having just seen my VMBU report.Having received 3 e-mails saying "Don't worry you have exceeded your monthly usage" in my first billing week !!. I wondered what was going on as i had certainly not been on my computer and used it as much as said.Following lots of head scratching i discover / think that i am being charged for uploads as well as downloads.

Try as hard as i have i cannot find anywhere in FAQ were it states i will pay for up and downloads but all i find is the words "data transfer".(Thanks in advance for the person who sends the link i have looked for in vain).

Now I'm sure a lawyer would argue that these two words do indeed mean uploads and downloads but I'm just a simple (very,some would say) bloke who surfs the net not looking for hidden meaning in my T&C wording.

Whilst trying to find the answer to my woes i discovered PN using both "data transfer" and "downloads" in there PAYG advertising,aha i thought those nasty advertising people have deliberately used the word "downloads" to confuse me into thinking i only pay for that.Right time for a stern letter of complaint to PN.....but sadly see someone else obviously beat me to it and no longer do you see the words "data transfer" and "downloads" together in the advertising therefor i have no proof to make a complaint.


Shame on you.
And a big bonus for the advertising person who cheated all the simple people.

P.s.I know i only have myself to blame for using P2P but let this be a warning to others thinking of using such sites on this service.Every time you download your are UPLOADING as well,thus being charged unless you use it after midnight..then its free.