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Wireless Router problem


Wireless Router problem

Hope someone can help me with this because I'm getting totally frustrated.

Right, to start, I'm totally new to this so if any of you have any ideas can you explain like you would to a child Wink

Right my idea was to go wireless so i could stream High Def content to my Xbox 360. Bought all the kit, a Linksys wireless router and usb network adapter and the wireless kit for the 360.

Forget about the xbox for the moment. I thought everything was set up correctly but the USB adapter will not find the router. It finds the next door neighbours router but not mine. It will connect to the net if I hook it up via ethernet, but as soon as I try wireless it's nowhere to be found.

Could somebody suggest what I could be doing wrong and if you need any more info I'll try my best.


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Wireless Router problem


* Have you turned on the wirefless section of the router?
* Have you enabled SSID broadcast
* Have you turned off all encryption on the router
* Have you turned off restriction by MAC address

regards, Ian

Wireless Router problem

Yes I've switched on the wireless section of the router.

No I have no idea what the rest of the that meant Shockedops:

Wireless Router problem

Right, I've checked the linksys setup page and the SSID broadcast is enabled. I 'think' I've turned off all encryption.

The restriction on Mac address I'm not too clear on

Wireless Router problem

MAC address is a a bit like an IP address BUT it is at the physical layer (a level below the TCP/IP level) I think MAC stands for media access control? Bit hard to decribe but basically all ethernet cards wired or wireless have a number connected with them. I suppose you could think of it like a serial number (it isn't a serial number though). This means that you can only allow connections from particular computers (or rather the wireless adaptors connected to them). So make sure that is off too while you get sorted. You could then add this level of security later by only allowing connections to/from your wireless hardware. The MAC addresses are usually printed on the back of USB WiFi adaptors.

I personally wouldn't run Wifi in my house and have encryption turned off as it would mean that nearby houses or in theory random people in the street could use my broadband or get onto your home network (eg shared printers/files) I suppose the same goes for MAC address restriction. But I guess switch off all that while you at least get it working then turn it on later step by step.

If your USB thingy finds the router next door check what channel it finds it on. Then change the channel number in your router to some thing else. This may help.

Oh and change the SSID "the name" of your router to something else other than the default. Perhaps the people next doors is set on the same channel with the same SSID which could mess things up a bit! But I guess this is only likely if they have the same make of router.

Maybe ask the people next door if they can find your router, that way you know it is working.
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Wireless Router problem

Wireless router generally work straight out the box (ignoring the ADSL part), try a hard reset (wipe it clean) this can usually be done by holding the reset button in for about 10 seconds although check the manual for some other combination.

If it then doesn't detect it straight away it is most likely faulty and should be swapped by the store you got it from (usually less than 28 days) or possibly by the manufacturer.

Wireless Router problem

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll have another go when I get in from work.

Cheers Cheesy