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Wireless Networking

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Wireless Networking

Can anyone advise me on the following:

I want to set up a 2nd computer to share my ADSL connection.

I currently have a Netgear DG384 Router ( wired Version).

My 2nd computer will be in another room, therefore I need to go down the wireless way. But I want to keep my 1st computer connected to the DG384.
Is it better to buy a same brand(Netgear) wireless acces point & pci card or will any brand do?? I want it to be as painless as possible.

One more question. Since ADSL is atleast 512kbps whats the point of having 54Mbps on the wifi network? will 11Mbps suffice?


Wireless Networking

If you are happy with that brand then yes, you might be better sticking to the same brand. Just do not go for Belkin!

In answer to the bandwidth, 11Mbits is fine purely for sharing the Internet.
I can get about 600k/sec out of it for a LAN even with my crappy setup.

Wireless Networking

Why not Belkin? I use a Belkin wireless access router as an access point (cos I already have my solwise in a switching hub for the wired part of my network)

I would like a wireless access point that will take an external ariel though to extand my range a tad, I have a very weak signal at the bottom of the garden even thgough my belkin is high up in an upstairs room. Any suggestions?

Wireless Networking

I don't think you'll gain any real advantage getting a wireless access point by the same manufacturer as your router, except that the configuration interface is likely to be the same. I have a d-link ADSL router and a Linksys wireless router and they work fine together. They only talk to each other over the network anyway, so they have to be pretty standard when it comes to that.

The only reason to go for 54Mbps (or faster) wireless network would be if you wanted to copy or access files between your pc's. As you said the ADSL connection is the bottleneck as far as the internet connection speed goes for either pc.


Wireless Networking

I agree that manufacturers shouldn't matter, but having said that I always use netgear. Go for 54Mb/s you'll end up transfering far more data between Pc's than across the web. For example at 54Mb/s you'll be able to stream video stored on one PC to the other. you'll also be able to backup the data on each PC.I have two laptops and a PC and they each have a mirror of the others data on them.

One question though, why not put a cable through, it's very easy and 100Mb/s is even nicer.


Wireless Networking

Any brand will do the job, but you need to consider what you want to do with the connection before deciding the brand and the speed. If all your doing is surfing then 11Mbs will do, but if you want to backup your hard disk or stream live video (as previously commented on) you'll need a faster connection.

You'll also need to ensure the both types of devices are setup for the same type of connection i.e 802b etc.