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Wireless Network


Wireless Network


I currently have ADSL using aclatel modem, but i have another PC in the house that wants to share the connection.

Does anyone have any suggestions on Wireless networking? Can you get like a wireless router and 2 recievers? The second PC is about 30 meters away, 1 floor down, will a wireless connection work?

Thanks in advance


Wireless set-up's


Right to try and answer your question, the way I understand this. You have two major options:-

1) Use your main machine as an ADSL Router & Access point for internet connectivity which means that it would need to be physically connected to your wireless router gateway (dont think your main machine would itself require a wireless network card) via a cable of some kind. Your second computer would require a wireless network card installed into it, which would then allow communications with your wireless router ADSL internet access.

2) Second method would involve both computers having wireless network cards installed plus the use of a wirless router ADSL access point. The outcome would be both computers talking to your wirless router ADSL connection.

**so you would need to establish a wireless connection to force9 assuming plusnet are your ISP. I'm not sure exactly what provision F9 has for wireless web access, I to would be very interested to know if you find out about that?

**Another TIP if your using wireless connectivity be aware that WAP protocol needs some configuration from the default settings and this is important for security reasons.


Wireless Network

You can also do this with just two wireless cards, one in each computer, and no Wireless Access Point. The two computers can talk to one another directly between the two wireless cards (in "ad-hoc", or "peer-to-peer" networking mode), and the one with the ADSL modem supplies Internet access to the other. This will be the cheapest solution, but it's probably also the worst!

I'd see the ideal solution as being "cyteck's" option (2), or something close to it. I'd go for an ADSL router (non-wireless), a separate Wireless Access Point (the emphasis on its being a Wireless Access Point rather than a "gateway", since this functionality is not required in this setup, although a wireless gateway could be used as a straightforward WAP if you wanted to). If this equipment is close to one of the PCs, it could use a wired connection using an Ethernet card; otherwise both computers would need wireless cards.

This is just about the most expensive option, but a good thing about it is that it would be possible to migrate to this in stages. If both computers are ultimately going to use wireless cards, then the first step is the "cheapest" option outlined above with just two wireless cards; adding the WAP would be the second step. If one computer is to use an Ethernet connection, you'd jump straight to the second stage, with a WAP. The final step after bringing the WAP into the network would be to add an ADSL router, with an Ethernet connection between the router and the WAP. This then means neither computer provides Internet access to the other so they can be powered up or down at will with no implications for the other.

If both computers are going to use a wireless connection, then you'd need to ensure you buy a WAP which does not require an Ethernet connection for configuring it -- you'd be looking for USB or wireless configuration facilities.