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Wired and wirless

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Wired and wirless

Hello All
Dont know if this is the correct group to ask this in?
I have a Linksys router which is both Wired and wireless, We have 4 comps through the house 1 bedroom 1 childs room and 2 in shack. all (when on) can see and talk to each other. Now the problem, My laptop which i use in the house via wireless, can connect to the router and the internet. but no way can i get the wired to see or talk to the wireless or the otherway round. ( the laptop is using a linksys 54g card,, and there is no security set up on the wireless side. (could it be this) Can anyone offer any thorghts or suggestions on this pls. :lol:
Been on to linksys technical support and what a waste of time that was :roll:



Well I read though your posting carefully and what came to mind here which might be a cause (possibly? I cannot say for sure) is that you have a difference in networking protocols. For example ethernet networks i.e. wired or cabled use IEEE standard 802.2 or 802.3 over TCP/IP and a wireless network although still using TCP/IP as the protocol would be using IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g this means that at a very basic level the actual data packet sizes are different and this might? be a cause of the problem between the wired computers on your local home network and the wireless trafffic.

Which also means that one packet size cannot see the other or talk to each other I suspect that if I'm correct here. One packet size needs to be able to be translated to the other and vic versa and I think the way this is often done is by some sort of bridging software. On business networks in the past servers with x2 network cards were used to bridge networks which used different protocols such as Novells IPX/SPX and Microsoft TCP/IP so packet sizes could be translated from one network card to the other and this used to work fine.

So you might need some kind of bridging or software bridging to use wired and wireless and so too be able to get all computers to see and talk with each other happily.

**Yes! you should also look at your wireless security such as IPSEC or WEP, WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy) and its default settings are notoriously unsafe i.e. this is whatyou get when you first install wireless I beleive. (if you havent already done so you need to change your security on the wireless side of things,otherwise you leave yourself very vulnerable to hacking). You need to change the very basic or default WEP settings hope this all makes sense?


Wired and wirless

Cyteck, nice answer.

However I could imagine your suggestion being the case if it were two separate pieces of hardware however from the message it sounds like he has 1 router that has WiFi and Wired conenctions.

I have a similar setup using USR equipment without issue, and it would seem rather strange for any manufacturer not to bridge between Wifi/Wired protocols internally on one device that is marketed to do both, but nothing would suprise me :?

I'm no techie geek (like Cytek Wink ), but is it possible that your router is using a separate subnet mask for the Wired section to that on the WiFi section and that the routing table is incorrect.

Are you using DHCP to assign the IP addresses? If so can you post and example IP & Subnet of both a Wired PC and the Wireless Laptop.


Hi blandie,

Yep! you could of course be completely right, the other thought I had was perhaps such a router which connects both wired & wireless has an option which you have to actively switch on that does indeed bridge traffic of different networking types & packets. Yes! as more and more routers are designed for small or home networks using both technologies I would also be suprised if makers didnt take this into consideration and provide for both.

**Yes! subnet masking could indeed be a part of the problem too.

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Wired and wirless

I know this isnt prob right as im sure you would have allready thought of this, but i had the same till i remembered to activate the 'share' features on my pc's so my laptop (connected to my router via wireless as opposed to my 2 pcs that are wired into the sdame router). Since i did that all he wired and wireless can see and talk to each other... dunno maybe by any chance


Certainly worth a try and cannot hurt can it?


Wired and wirless

What id suggest is to check the same laptop connected wired to the router and see if it still doesnt work. I suspect it is the configuration on the laptop and it wont work wired either, in which case you will have to check what you did wrong.

One possibility could be that you are using Windows to automatically assign IP addresses to your wired PCs whereas the router is assigning them to the laptop, so they arent being setup on the same range (as described above, a diferent subnet), though id be suprised both wired and wireless still works online in that case.

Just check and double check your laptop while its physically plugged into the router.



I suggest that you stick firmly to manual or fixed IP address's and all machines on the same subnet mask settings. Turn off any DHCP server or automatically signed IP's this only complicates the problem as far as I can see.

**x1 IP for your router/modem (whatever F9 gave you or if not a fixed IP ask F9 for one) 212.56.xx.xx

**ensure all other IP's are for example to say 05 etc

**Subnet mask


Wireless Isolation

I don't know if it helps but on my NETGEAR router I have an option to have all the wireless machines operate in wireless isolation this means they can connect to the router but not see or be seen by any other machines connected to the same router. Check your linksys router for an option similar to this.