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Wip Tech Dialler


Wip Tech Dialler

I have just purchased a Laptop computer for use at home, and have tried to install the Broadband connection I have on my Desktop PC.
Following the instructions supplied with my Dynamode A360 modem I loaded the software from the CD. No shortcut to Wip Tech appeared on the Desktop, although with the modem connected via USB, I get the DSL connection icon which connects and turns green.
How can I get Wip Tech dialler? I have tried setting up a new connection using the Wizzard in Network Connections but that did not work.
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Wip Tech Dialler

I think one of the problems may be that the Modem, which I also have, is now 4 years old - have you got the latest driver?

Found this on the PlusNet Forum - it may help

"Can't get Wiptech Icon in XP"

Desktop shorts how to! Ivan


Some installer programs with older software do not include a process to create a desktop short cut for you automatically & it sounds abit like this with the software your talking about. Newer installer routines that create a desktop icon (shortcut) for you.

However, its pretty easy to create a desktop icon with XP if you know where the program has installed to (i.e. c:\programs\dynamode360) etc. Then once you have found the program location on your hard disk, look for the .exe file such as dynamode360.exe (this file is the prgram executable file, it runs or loads the modem software), take the mouse and just highlight the file in windows explorer (right pane), next right click with mouse, next select shortcut, a shortcut with be created and sometimes it will tell you cannot create the shortcut here but will put this on desktop (if not? copy the shortcut yourself to your desktop and this should work fine too).


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Wip Tech Dialer

Firstly let me apologise for the delay in thanking those who posted suggestions. Over the course of several days I tried in no particular order to implement them. Alas all were doomed to failure, and I was still left with an unresponsive program - a connected modem - but no access.

There was only one solution that would seem to fit the problem, and that was to go wireless. Consequently I purchased and installed a wireless Modem/Router, plugged my main PC into the Router port, and a Wireless PC Card into my laptop. After loading the software and within a few minutes I was online with both machines.

Although I had been using the original A360 modem for a couple of years I guess it was time to retire it. Once again it seems that I am condemned to upgrade regularly, and backwards compatibility is just a dream I sometimes have.


Backwards in Going Forwards ?? Ivan


Yep!! Know the feeling well, I think we've all been there & had that experience at some point along the way. :roll:


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