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Windows or Router tweak?

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Windows or Router tweak?

I just played with DrTCP thingymabob, and set my MTU to 1430 on Windows. However, I connect to the Internet via a router, onboard my Router are settings in the WAN interface to change settings too, they currently are:

MRU : 1492
MTU : 1492
MSS : 1432
Lcp Echo Interval seconds : 10
Lcp Echo Maximum Consecutive Failure : 6

Should I change the MTU there? How about MRU? And what is MSS? Are the Lcp Echo's useful? Or is just changing the settings on Windows sufficient?

Windows or Router tweak?

Usually changing your MTU does not make that much difference with your connection. The adsl router will have an mtu on its pppoe link, and you will need to keep this static or you will most likely loose connection.

My unix boxes are mtu 1500 on the lan, but I think its down to the routers external wan link which governs the tcp information sent.