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Windows messenger


Windows messenger


Has anyone had success in using windows messenger or netmeeting with plusnet?

I am connected to adsl plusnet with an ethernet adapter (firewalled using Xp).

The person I am communicating with just gets a message like:

" There are problems with the computer or the network connection". That's all we have to go on.


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Windows messenger

Do you mean MSN Messenger?

I'm using it right now.

Is it just general chatting your struggling with, or (more likely) sending or receiving files, or voice functions?

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Windows messenger

hi sean
i use both msn messanger and netmeeting using plusnet whilst
setting it up in the begining we came up with the same errors and it turned out to be the firewall. my brother has just installed a router with a built-in firewall and we went back to where we were ie. not being able to connect together , he is in the process of configuring the new firewall to see if we can regain our connection. the only differance being is that we are both on win me. not xp.
i seem to remember other people on the forum having a bit of a chew with xp. so it might be worth doing a search to see how they got on.though it's not a problem on plusnets side.


Windows messenger

I use Instant messenger all the time with my account. Its great for voice conversations etc.

I think you might find that your connection problem is firewall related. try turning the firewall off and try again. it this works then configure your firewall to let incoming and outgoing connections for messenger
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Windows messenger

I can confirm that if you are having problems sending (for example) a Microsoft Word document using Microsoft Windows Messenger in Microsoft Windows XP, the problem is Microsoft's built-in Windows XP firewall!

(:roll: is all I have to say to that!)


Windows messenger

To shed more light on the subject, I have noticed a pattern as to when this may happen (In 97% of cases so far, and it has been seen to happen at other times).

If installing a network adapter after installing XP. This can include installing a network card seperatly, the OEM not installing the driver correctly or windows not detecting the driver during install of XP.

For some reason, the XP firewall ends up in a intermediate state. IE, it is neither on or off.

Force changing the setting (IE, turn on then off, or off then on) usualy rectifies it.