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Windows XP Updates (via Windows Update site)


Windows XP Updates (via Windows Update site)

Hi all,
I am just about to throw this computer head first right out the window and go back to using my 6 year old Win98 computer. I bought this new one about 6 months ago and it came with Windows XP Service Pack 1. Everything works fantastic (for a while) then the system becomes riddled with viruses or spyware or whatever (A problem I NEVER had using Win9Cool. So i run the Virus Scanner and it moves 'em all. (BTW my virus scanner is always kept updated on a weekly basis and has a background scanner and all that stuff, but then i dont know it its working or not and probably has nothing to do with these stupid DSO Exploit things)..

Anyways, when I first got the computer I tried to upgrade to SP2, which shouldn't have been a problem apart form error code: 0x80070424. That is what comes up when I try to download ANY updates from the site, so basically while everyone else goes to the site (Or becomes automatically updated) Im sitting here with the bare stuff that came off the CD!

E-Mailed Microsoft and they said it could be one of a few things and sent me detailed instructions on how to fix the problem. I had to "Reset the Background Intelligent Transfer Service ". And was also told : "Based on my research this issue can also occur due to some files required for Windows Update site are not correctly registered on your system. Let us unregister the corrupt files and then again register this files". I did all that and still cant get updates. I mailed MS back and got absolutley no reply.

Has anyone else had experience of this error code, and do they have a clue whats going on?

Thanks in advance,

Windows XP problems with


First of all I ran a search across Microsoft for the error number you quoted and the result was X2 items but frankly I'm an IT person trained to M.C.S.E level and these links relate to code level or programming level issues that mean nothing to me, so I suspect they wont be helpful to you either. But just incase here they are quoted below:-

1) FIX: Queued Components on an MSMQ Dependent Client May Cause Application Event Log Error When you try to enable the Queuing functionality for a COM+ application on a computer where MSMQ is installed as a Dependent Client, the COM+ catalog may show an error indicating that it couldn't find a specified service, and log the following:;en-us;262999

2)How to use the ASP.NET ValidatePath Module Scanner (VPModuleScanner.js) Describes how to use the VPModuleScanner.js file to test a computer or a set of computers to determine whether the ASP.NET ValidatePath module is installed. This module helps protect against canonicalization problems.;en-us;887290


**I strongly suggest that you login to your machine with admin rights if you know how too do this? then you need to check that the following system (thats windows services) services are set to "automatic" (do this by going to start button, start menu, settings,control panel,admin tools, services.

1) Automatic updates (service) must be set to "AUTOMATIC" otherwise windows update service fails and returns various error messages and wont give you any downloads.

2) BITS or intelligent Background Transfer Service also set to automatic

3) Windows installer service = "Automatic"

**From within your WEB browser menu at top of your screen, select Tools, Internet options, Select SECURITY tab, on this page next select security level for this zone, select custom button, this opens a long list of items that can be changed. You need to ensure that you have the following enabled or switched on, these are required for windows update & the update pages to show correctly when you view them (it wont work otherwise?).

4) Enable Signed active X controls
5) Enable ActiveX controls & plugins
6) Run activeX controls & plugins
7) Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting
8 Downloads see "enable" File downloads.

After you have changed these setings close your web browser (I'm assuming your working with IE6) and if in doute reboot the machine to ensure all the changes you've made will become effective as they need to written into the windowsXP registry.

After this connect to the internet and again goto the windows update site and let me know what happens.

**Do you have a firewall in place or are you using the WindowsXP firewall?, I would strongly advise you to disable the windowsXP firewall and to download a copy of the excellent free version of ZoneAlarm the URL is:-

**NOTE: Windows XP service Pack 2 is NOT a small revision of windowsXP/NT but SP2 includes some major rewitting of certain system files and this has caused alots of problems for many people, so viruses aside the problem may (I stress MAY?) be related to SP2 itself. If possible it may be worth un-installing SP2 if you know how to do that?? leave well alone if you dont know how too do this though as you could cause yourself more problems (only if your confident you know how to uninstall SP2) this depends upon how you installed SP2 in the first place.

Hope this might help