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Windows 2000, PtoP network, ICS with ADSL , 2 x PCs.


Windows 2000, PtoP network, ICS with ADSL , 2 x PCs.


I'm running 2 PCs connected by standard 10/1000 PCI ethernet cards
(single Rj45 connector option for each card - Im using cat5 cable and a crossover adapter ) as a peer to peer network..
The PCs are running Windows 2000.
Can I set up internet connection sharing without installing an extrra ethernet card or any other equipment.
Which is the easiest option? - A router?
Does the network configuration need to be configured manually?

Thought I might find the answer on this forum. Just did a search and nothing came up.

Thanks for your help

Mark R :?

Windows 2000, PtoP network, ICS with ADSL , 2 x PCs.

Well, for connecting multiple PCs to the Internet using ADSL, I'd definitely recommend an ADSL Router as the preferred method. Earlier today, I came across an article from a PC magazine on this very subject. As is typical with PC mags, it gives unequivocal advice without much reason (but, then, if you bother with PC mags at all, its for the cover-mounted disc, not the rather questionable journalistic effort of most of these magazines): Internet Connection Sharing: Don't Bother.

I think most people use ICS because they already have a modem and don't want to go to the cost of a router, but for people who haven't yet purchased their ADSL equipment, I'd recommend a router straight away, even if it means installing a network card in their computer, since this gives them the most long-term flexibility, and the added cost is not great these days.

As far as I'm aware the ICS "wizard" on Windows 2000 can be used to set up each computer in the network, enabling people with little network knowledge to obtain a "result" quite quickly. However, the price of this "instant success" is they do relinquish control over their network settings, and may not have gained any knowledge or working experience to help if they encounter problems later on. It's the "hands off" solution. Using this approach, I believe the PC with the Internet connection (eg the one connected to an ADSL modem) acts as a DHCP server for the others. Assuming you have an ADSL modem, then with your network cards already in place, you'd need nothing else.

But if you have a router, you'd need nothing else either, and a better solution will be provided. (To give my unequivocal opinion, without much reason for it! [and no cover-mounted disc])

By the way, I think the term "peer-to-peer" has specialist connotations these days, and if you're using Microsoft Windows Networking (SMB / CIFS whatever they call it) to enable your computers to share files with one another, it would simply be described as a "peer network" (neither is designated as "the server"; they're clients and servers of each other).

ADSL & Mutiple PC's

Yes! I agree with what "Task" has said to you about windows 2000 and Internet connection sharing. At first ICS seems like a great idea/solution because its built into the operating system and you can just run the wizard but I have found that 9/10 I wasnt able to configure my machines & network the way I wanted too & became completely exasperated with the Microsoft solution.

Yes! Routers are a good solution for many PC's or network devices if you want mutiple ADSL web acess. But a word of caution here, some (some not all routers) routers can be quite complex. So I would recommend doing some research before you committ your cash to any hardware first.

Some home user ADSL routers can be easy & not difficult to set-up & install, but others can be pretty complex and require indepth networking knowldge before you can get the configuration you truely require.

Having a good basic knowledge of networking concepts such as IP addressing, understanding what a subnet mask is,etc can be invaluable.