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Why pay so much more for lower contention ratio?


Why pay so much more for lower contention ratio?

I'm currently running the 512kbs 50:1 home surf package and I'm very happy with it.

As I mainly use it for surfing the net and gaming I can't see the point of upgrading to a 1mb pipe or greater. However I can't rule out paying for the 20:1 contetion ratio instead. Bandwidth is not my requirement, its reaction/response times that matter to me, will a 20:1 contention ratio improve the response times on the net significantly? For those that have gone from 50:1 to 20:1 could you visibly see the difference? Was it worth the money?

Or am I mistaken and the only way to get the faster response times is to run more bandwidth? (Only 1 fairly hi-spec PC on the connection through a DG814 Router (Netgear)).



Why pay so much more for lower contention ratio?

Hmmm read the FAQ on contention and I'm still not 100% sure if the connection response times will be faster - due to having a larger guarenteed pipe...

I still hope for other consumers' feedback.

Be VERY interested

Yes! I'd be VERY!! interested in the answer to the above question too. As I am not as interested in a bigger pipe but if the contention ratio change from 50:1 to 20:1 significantly improves my internet experience Yes! I'd be willing to pay more for this. I cannot justify a 1MB pipe for home use at this point (perhaps over time I might move to 1MB if the prices falls to a more affordable price).


Why pay so much more for lower contention ratio?

Does your ping time change much at different times of the day?

If your ping stays the same nomatter what time you use it then obviously you are not having any contention issues so just having more guaranteed bandwidth is not going to make any difference at all.

If you DO see differences then maybe, just maybe (and theres no guarantee) it would make a difference. I certainly doubt it though as its still not a latency guarantee, just because you have spare bandwidth doesnt mean the ping times are good.

Homeworker pro 2meg 20:1


Im on the 20:1 all I can say is from reading some of the problems people get on the 50:1, I dont seem to get but on the downside some issues do filter over to the 20:1 connection. As for your question what is better and what is not, all I can say is i'll stick with 20:1, for gaming or for normal usage due to using Telewest Broadband which i wouldnt even have for free or at 4meg....

tracerts uk sites 10 to 25
tracerts us sites 10 to 50

gaming uk servers: ping 15 to 30
gaming us servers: ping 30 to 60