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Who's facts are right?

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Who's facts are right?

I recieved an e-mail from Free-online Customer Support today informing me of the following :

"No more wishing you could get ADSL, we’ve done some checking for you with BT and your local exchange has been enabled! "

A quick check with BT and I find that my local exchange will not be upgraded due to the conversion being "uneconomical."
Does this mean that the exchange has been upgraded without BT's knowledge, or did I recieve some useless spam this morning?
I would be delighted to sign up to the ADSL package curently on offer from Free-Online, but I'm slightly concerned about how far down the line I would have to go before being informed that the broadband connection would not work.
What are the real facts please? Have BT made a mistake or has Free-Online jumped the gun by a few decades.

Phil (Out in the sticks in rural South Lanarkshire.)