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Which is better, broadband radio or broadband tv?


Which is better, broadband radio or broadband tv?


I designed a website for a UK internet tv channel,, and although it's had a fairly decent number of hits it hasn't been astounding. I was wondering if people think broadband tv is a good thing? or does radio work better? I guess radio lets you listen in the background and get on with other things, I'm just trying to gauge as many opinions as I can really..


Web TV & Radio


I have some limited experience of listening to BBC radio4 over the internet and its OK as far as it goes but I wouldnt say I was that impressed with the service personally, its still NOT as good as a normal domestic radio receiver in terms of audio quality.

I think there are or were several technical reasons for this, radio 4 is streamed as a flow of compressed audio data packets over the web is pretty slow and can also suffer from stops and starts or perhaps that should be bursts and blips. The other reason I dont listen to BBC radio over the web is that the BBC have chosen realplayer as their major playback application (and its a horrible peice of software in my opinion).

**Radio over the web definitely has its place in the scheme of things and I think internet radio does have a big reach or big audiance already but its still a growing medium as far as I can tell.

**As for internet TV the main problem as I see it at the moment is bandwidth and the quality of the images delivered to the users desktop which are usually very unimpressive and rather poor in terms of definition even on a good high specification machine with good graphics card and excelent display. (I'm NOT talking about PC TV using a TV card I'm talking about TV streamed across the internet itself).

I think once internet bandwidth increases in the future (say over the next 3-4 years) then internet TV will become far more viable as streamed image quality will improve along with data capacity. This has already been proved in South Korea where they have had 10MB or more speeds on their networks for several years and TV & movie viewing over the network is common place & popular I believe.


Which is better, broadband radio or broadband tv?

A wee tip I picked up on other forums is that if you are streaming an internet tv station and you hook it up to your tv via a scart lead the picture is not quite as "blocky" when viewed on your tv rather than on your pc monitor.

Which is better, broadband radio or broadband tv?

Hi Parkhead

Thanks for that tip, i'd never even thought about hooking it up to the TV but it sounds like a good idea.