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Which email got that?


Which email got that?

Like many of you, I'm getting a deluge of dodgy "Microsoft" security updates.

My plan such as it is, is that when my catchall mailbox gets a lot of junk, if it's all to the same xxx@mydomain, I'll redirect it elsewhere.

If there may be mail I want to keep I'll make a mailbox for it so I can filter it on a low priority.

In other cases, such as when my irc program shows an email of (combining the rdns name and an old user name), I'll redirect that to

( is defined by RFC to never be a valid address.)

But anyway, back to my story. Once I saw the deluge arrive, I went to find out the email address it was sent to. Before, the address was clearly in the headers, but not this time, as all the headers were faked.

A quick jump into telnet 110 and I did a TOP on a sample junk message. Alas, the email address wasn't clear from the header.

It was only because I got one of the many automatic "You have sent us a virus" mails which had the addresses in the clear that I could know which one to junk. The virus didn't come from my computer, but wrongly telling me otherwise did inadvertanly serve a purpose.

But anyway, what could I do in future? How do I find out the RCPT TO of any given email?

Bill, tick, tick, tick, tick..... tick, tick, delete.