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Weird font issue on website


Weird font issue on website

Hello again,

Still struggling...

I've used a particular font throughout my website (eurasia) as I thought it looked rather nice. Now when I access the site from another PC it defaults back to that PC's font of choice. :?

Now, I know that all PC's may not have Eurasia installed on them but is there a way of embedding the font into the site so it is displayed regardless of the visitors font settings?

I'm using Frontpage by the way.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Front Page Pain

I used front page about 2 years ago to build a website and it was a complete pain in the behined. The problem I found with FP is that it inserts its own proprietory MS code (some hidden and some not hidden) into HTML pages you create.

This caused me no end of problems with Java and buttons and applets and I strongly suspect that it could possibly influence font displaying too? Although to be fare I cannot be 100% sure. In my case I had to get myself an experienced website designer & programmer to help solve the java problems created by FP.

This is due to the fact that MS wants to tie FP users into there products yet again (no suprises here really) as FP created pages only display correctly within a MS web browsers such as IE 6.0. Pages most likley wont display correctly in others like netscape or opera,etc. Dont know if this really helps you but thought it might be of interest?


Weird font issue on website

You might want to check this tutorial out.

Only works with Internet Explorer 4 or above though.


fonts and websites

In case you haven't found an answer to this yet.

Baldly stated, if the font you use isn't on a visitor's computer, it won't display. Webpages display with font instructions which include the font name. That's why most use Arial as everyone has that and it can be used in a wide variety of ways using horizontal scaling, kerning, bold etc.

If you want a special font for a block of text or a headline, best way is to set it in something else [CorelDraw, Photoshop or whatever], and save as a jpg or gif. Then you load it as a graphic.

For large blocks of text though, your best bet is Arial, unless you have a particular likeing for Courier Tongue

Weird font issue on website

Cheers for the help mate. I pretty much did that anyway and now I have a mix of Arial and jpegs on the site and it looks very nice indeed. (At least I think so).

Thanks for helping out.