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Website form


Website form

I have a form on my website. In the past, any response has been sent to me by e-mail. This is not happening with force9. Does anyone know how to achieve this.
Barnsie Sad

Website form

Yes -- the CGI Email Form Script page provides advice on how to do this.

There are a few minor errors on that page (how they've shown the "realname" variable, for example, is just plain daft), but I suggest you read it and try doing what it says. If you still can't get it to work, post again.

Website form

Why Oh Why cannot F9 install the free Apache asp extensions? The support operators say its a 'security issue'.

I think they should advertise 'FP Extensions - er... not many of them but at least some of them' and not what they do advertise which is 'FP Extensions'. I was suckered.

If they give me a tenner & expenses I will do it for them. Anyhow I don't think its a ASP issue.

My FP reporter says they disabled the FP Post command. I asked for it to be enabled............... still waiting 10 months later. The submitted support ticket thingy outstanding issue was deleted.

I use many ISP hosts as I make websites and most are Apache based - this is the only one that 'FP Post' doesn't work on.

I want to use a Frontpage form on an 'advertised' Frontpage enabled host and not a CGI one (with all the changed domain IE security error popup issues) - how basic is that?

I suppose I will get more Scott hate mail. Well its simpler than fixing it.