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Website downloads Per Day??


Website downloads Per Day??

I received a snotty email today from Force9 telling me that yesterday's downloads from users visiting my web space exceeded 250MB, and that unless I take precautions to fix it, they would restrict or even remove my site!!

Since when has there been a daily download limit? I realise there is a 250MB *total file size* limitiation on the servers, but can't see how or where the portal says that the same figure, 250MB, also refers to the total daily downloads that can be made from your web site per day!!!!

I have raised a ticket with the sales support team, who have offered me a business package for well over twice what I am currently paying, which offers twice the web space.

Why wasn't I told sooner?? I have had to rename (and effectively make unavailable) my principal download, an MP3, to make sure I don't exceed this arbitrary limit in the next few days and have my site removed.

If I'd been told two weeks ago, when downloads from my site were *approaching* the limit, I could have made some alternative arrangements with a hosting company before an 'infringement' took place.

As it is, I am incensed that a fairly strongly worded email has been sent to me, threatening restriction or removal of my web site, unless I take action to prevent any further infringements.

Further, I have no idea where this limitation has come from. It seems to me that they have arbitrarily decided that 250MB daily downloads is too much.

Is this a ploy to make me buy a more expensive package? Are they trying to wriggle out of the generous web development facilities that Force9 offered when I joined in 2002?

I would be very grateful if the small print containing this restriction could be pointed out to me.

If no such small print exists, I shall have to politely request that Force9 continue to host my site, no matter how much is downloaded. I can't see how they can change their terms at this stage.

Ed Smale

Website downloads Per Day??

This limit has been in force for yonks, as long as I can remember. F9 are very quick to archive sites making the owner grovel like a naughty school boy before reinstating it. (I refused to grovel and moved my important site to a proper hosting company, no problems now!!). Even then, if you make use of the ccgi server the chances are all the permissions need to be reset.

If you look through this forum, you will find many posts from disgruntled customers whose sites have been removed with no previous warning, so in effect you are lucky to have had a warning, most don't and only realise their site is missing once they receive the email!!

Unfortunately the only solutions are to either reduce the popularity of your site (defeats the object somewhat), alternatively open a PAYG dial up account and make use of that webspace too or move your site to a dedicated web host.

The chances of finding the offending small print which says you are limited i'm afraid is not written in hard print. F9 usually get around this sort of thing by saying "they will take stepsto ensure the effectiveness of the service is not affected". An current example I can give is that F9 will be placing a 15GB cap on usenet downloads, although there is nothing written down in the T&C's, instead they use the following to hide behind:

The AUP states that we employ various methods to manage our network to benefit the majority of customers. This type of action is covered on this

I am afraid complaining to F9 is a bit akin to p***ing in the wind!!


Website downloads Per Day??

if you looking for somewhere to host your webspace other than F9, have a look at the following hosting company.

this is currently run by a friend of mine, who currently hosts one of my webpages


Website downloads Per Day??

Hi Ed,
I sympathise with your situation. As Mark says, think yourself lucky you were at least notified. I only found out my website had been removed (archived) after receipt of emails from frustrated site visitors. Although always within the Monthly bandwidth requirements of 7.5 Gb, (30 x 250) just one day of usage over 250 Mb got the site removed.

The solution I chose was to move the site to a dedicated webhost. In terms of managing and operating a website, this was the best move I have ever made. No more cross server programming, webspace and bandwidth to spare, dedicated mail server etc. More at WebHostingBuzz

The F9 information you are looking for is included in the Webspace FAQ - How much webspace and traffic bandwidth can I actually use?

Website downloads Per Day??

you gota love f9 NOT :twisted: try verry good prices

Website downloads Per Day??

The best hosting prices I've ever seen (for high bandwidth usage) is on

Unlike previous recomendations, this one is UK based and will give 1Gb disk space / 30GB of bandwidth for 5 quid... or for 10 quid you get 3Gb disk space / UNLIMITED bandwidth. (Although in practice, unlimited means there is a soft limit of 100GB when they will start to persuade you to upgrade if you regularly exceed it)

A friend of mine recently signed up (after previously having his site hosted on Demon and then got fed up with their service), and he really recomends it.... his home page downloads so much faster and there is loads of gadgets and controls to play with to manage the site.
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Website downloads Per Day??

Although it's good to see you all offering advice in this thread, this forum is specifically for feedback on our products and not those of other providers.

The hosting services we offer are value added services and doesn't compare to those offered by dedicated hosting companies.

Discussions like this would be better held in an independant forum such as ADSLGuide.

Website downloads Per Day??

Perhaps one of the mods could move the thread to General Discussion/ Websites, Links and Everything Internet.

No limits on what can be discussed there, and especially no mention of not being able to talk about other providers comments:

Here you can discuss anything you want relating to websites of interest, Internet developments or anything else generally Net related.

I take anything to mean anything, or does it come from the same F9 dictionary definition as unlimitedHuh?? i.e Anything you like so long as you don't diss F9?


Download limit?

On the current topic, having just upgraded to Premier from Plus due to web site size if I host some Flash movies which are around 20-25Mb for browsers to view, how soon would I reach any limits on my account? Browsed through some of the posts on the forum and I am lost as to what limits are in place. Seems a bit of a minefield. Now wondering if I should have stayed with the Puls account.

Re: Download Limit

Hi all, well thanx for all the replies

I got myself setup with another hosting company, still use F9 ISP and webspace for the site but the bigger downloads now come from the new host.

How can I redirecting a URL to my new host?

e.g. Rhapsody.mp3 - is 15 MB download

I am confused as F9's webstats quote 4000 hits on this per month, yet my cookie based web counter and PHP jobbies only show me 100-200 of these downloads.

Are F9 stats to be believed?

I guess folk are accessing the URL directly, bypassing my site!!!

I don't wanna stop these ppl downloading my file (assuming these ppl exist at all!) so is it possible to LINK to my new host at with some kind of UNIX thingamijig??

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Website downloads Per Day??

This is blatant advertising I know, but as others have discussed it in this thread, who cares...

My company has just launched a hosting service and personally I think the packages are very competetive -

I would be interested to hear your comments, feedback etc....