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Website bandwidth

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Registered: 22-08-2007

Website bandwidth

Hi, twice this month my site has exceeded the 250Mb/24hr limit. After the first time I pulled a lot of the larger files off the site, but am at a loss as to why it was exceeded this time and by so much. What it equated to is the whole site being downloaded nearly 3 times in 24hrs... Yet from visitor stats the were far fewer than usual in that 36 hour period.

Note however, that over the last 12 months the site has only come close once (240Mb) as far as I am aware.

Also I only found out by a friend that the site was down as I had (not recieved (and still have not ) the email which briefly explains why the site was removed, in this case bandwidth abuse.

The site was removed at 0436, I contacted the abuse master at 0953 and customer services at 0908 and it is now 1438.

I apprecaite that you are probably busy but can somebody get back to me. I would like to sort out if there is a different package with Force 9 that allows a higher daily limit on website bandwidth, or am I going to have look for another host for the site?

Which ever way I really need to know what's happening as I am back to work tomorrow and will have very little time to follow up on any of these issues over the next 7 days.