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Website access blocked


Website access blocked

My force9 website seems unavailable to people in the US in the last two weeks while loading crisply when accessed in the uk. This roughly coincided with my paid url getting massive increments in bandwidth of 1Gb a day to my other site, until it reached 16Gb over the allotted amount and the ISP pulled it.
Does anyone know how any of this could happen and whether it's connected? Both sites have shared pages, and at first the only page that was not getable in the US was the blog, which is critical of the Iraq war. Now it seems all pages are 'not found'.
I'm a little unclear what bandwidth actually means, but I was allotted half a gig so 16Gb over that is serious stuff. I don't see bandwidth limit mentioned here with Force 9, so don't know if the same thing has happened.

Website access blocked

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that you can upload / download. In the case of Force9, for a residental site the maximum is around 250MB per day and for a business acount it's around 500MB per day.

However it can vary within those groups, depend on the contract that you have. See Webspace FAQ for further information.

I've posted the details from the page here, in respect to webspace traffic allowed.


Available Webspace (Residential)Residential accounts - Webspace / Daily Traffic
Pay As You Go 25MB / 100MB
Lite 250MB / 250MB
Unmetered Dialup 250MB / 250MB
ADSL Home Surf 25MB / 250MB
Broadband 250MB / 250MB

Business accounts - Webspace / Daily Traffic
Business Free 50MB / 105MB
Netstart (dialup) 500MB / 500MB
Netstart (adsl) 250MB / 250MB
Unmetered Dialup 500MB / 500MB
ADSL Biz Surf 50MB / 150MB
Broadband 500MB / 500MB

Force9 normally contact people who's site go outside these limits on a regular basis.