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Website Feedback Forms


Website Feedback Forms

Can anyone help me with this one, I'm trying to create a feedback form, using I think a UNIX Perl script, I can't for the life of me get it to work, but I think I have my mail server set wrong, Does anyone know what the correct mail server would be for the post action on a form, would it just be, or would it be something different, www/ or or something like that?? anyone any ideas??

If you want to take a look,



Website Feedback Forms

If you haven't done so already, you need to activate CGI use for your account, which you can do from the CGI tool located under Website settings. After activation has taken place, install your form on the CGI server (hostnames and apply to this). You'll see there's a directory there called cgi-bin, and your perl script should be installed in this directory with permissions set to 705 (ie rwx---r-x).

In your HTML "form" element you would refer to this script with an action attribute set to "".

In the perl script, the mail should be directed to the sendmail program, which is "/usr/sbin/sendmail".

You can avoid all this CGI activation stuff if you're content to use a standard Force9-supplied script which is available for this function. The help page for using this is at

The help page doesn't make it explicit that certain fields in the form are used for specific purposes:
  • The "recipient" field provides the email address of the person who will receive the email (ie you), and, as shown, is probably best represented by a "hidden" type input element.
  • The "subject" field provides the subject heading for the email. If you know in advance what this subject is (ie, the subject is fixed), then, again, a hidden field is appropriate, but if you want the user to choose a subject, then a normal input type="text" element would be the thing to use.
  • The "realname" field supplies the name of the user (eg Ian Wild), and the example in the help page is completely wrong in my view, being a hidden field with no value set! An input field of type="text" is what is required.
Obviously, using your own script provides you with the opportunity of customising it exactly to your needs, albeit at the cost of having to go through the process to set it up, and having to know a bit about writing scripts in the first place. The Force9 script provides the basic function with no need for any CGI set-up or perl skills on the part of the user -- just write the HTML form code.