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Webserver at home


Webserver at home


I am setting up a webserver at home (cos I'm a bit of a geek). I have a domain name ( and have configured it so that should point to my ip address. I have a webserver running on port 80.
When I try to access the URL all I get is the administration login for my router. I have configured the router so that it forwards port 80 to the LAN address the server is running on.

What am I missing? What could I possibly have got wrong in the setup?
I have read quite a bit about it and have done everything that I thought was required.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Mark G

Webserver at home

When you're located inside your network, it's not normally possible to test accessing your webserver from outside your network! (Your NAT rule works for traffic entering from the wan port of your router, and that's not what you're doing.)

The link you provided to definitely works from my location (outside your network), so it would seem you're in business.

Webserver at home

Thank you.

I shall have to set up a PC that is outside my network to test it.

Many thanks.

Mark G

Webserver at home

If you have access to the CGI serve, you can always use "curl" at the command line to check, thats what I usually do for testing stuff.

Site Access!


I have just tested your URL and it shows the following things:-

Index of /
Name Last modified Size Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Apache/2.0.49 (Win32) Server at Port 80

Hope this might help? PS: Note this is from outside your network.

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Webserver at home

To Test your pages inside you network just type the Ip address to your web server with out the Http://www. just type your ip of your server Gary
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Webserver at home

...or type in the PC name without a trailing \\ and your browser should pick it up.

e.g. http://mylocalpcname/
That will automatically go to port 80 of your local PC.

If you have a different port configured then do (if port 8080 is for web)

Typing in your domain should work too tho...
It should go out to the net, pick up the aname for and return through the web side of your router and follow the port forwarding to your webPC

(Hint: deny internet side administration of your router - keep it LAN accessable only)

You can configure some web hosting software if it's smart enough to keep all the web requsts on port 80. It does a check on the requested domainname and points to the path configured for that domain.

For example - both the following domains point to my IP here, but have different web folders: (the frontpage of which loads a frame page to other webspace to minimise bandwidth)