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Webpage redirection


Webpage redirection


I've recently transfered in my domain (say from another host to Force 9. Previously, someone set up some form of web forwarding/redirection so that when someone visits it automatically redirects to another website (say Since I've transfered into F9 this forwarding has been lost.
How can I set this back up again?


Webpage redirection

I can think of three different methods (the last two are seen as "kludges" in some circles because of their potential to mess up the correct operation of the "back" key on the user's browser):[list=1]
  • Use a .htaccess file with a Redirect statement. See the .htaccess tutorial. For example:

      Redirect /index.html

  • Use a <meta> element within the <head> element in the document's html markup. For example:

      <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=" />

    (The number in the content attribute is the delay in seconds before going to the new page.)

  • Use a scripting language to change the browser's location. For example:

      <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">"";

    (Not only does this method potentially interfere with correct operation of the "back" button on the browser, it also requires the browser to have JavaScript enabled.)
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    Webpage redirection

    Cheers for the info,
    The .htaccess method worked a treat Cheesy