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Webalizer Stats


Webalizer Stats

Hi All,

I have been building up my web site for a number of years. The Webalizer on the Website Settings page of Force9 show an average of around 600-700 hits per day, which seems a lot.

One particular file, which is an MP3, is apparently downloaded over 100 times per day! Could this be wrong? If the user is using a download accelerator (if such things still exist), would this result in one download 'looking like' several hits to the Force9 server?

Can I trust the webalizer stats? They seem very high!

I ask because the stats seem extremely high for a personal homepage, and I have received so little feedback in the form of emails that I find it difficult to believe that I really get so many visitors (although I want to believe it! :-)).

If these stats are correct, then why does my 'CQ Counter' widget (which I copy-and-pasted from some web resource site) only show a few visits a day?

Which should I believe?

I have even put a contact link on the front page in order to stimulate responses, but have had none so far. It seems strange that so many visitors can produce so little response.

The website is:

Any views on this?


Webalizer Stats

Your CQ Counter is only on the main page, the webalize stats will inlude hits to other pages as well.So its possible that the mp3 is being accessed directly without being on the frontpage - perhaps through a search on Google or a link from another website?