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WIP-TECH connection link


WIP-TECH connection link

hi again

i recently formatted and installed winXP after my other crashing problem,
but now when i install my ADSL modem it installs and the initialization icon comes on my taskbar and everything, and it installs the ATM connection
but it wont install the actually wip-tech icon on my computer so i can actually connect to the net.

any ideas on this too?

very grateful user

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WIP-TECH connection link

Hi There,

This seems to be a common problem with XP, and I am waiting on the content team to provide a help page for thsi very issue.

In the meantime, we can fix this over the phone if you give us a ring (0845 1400030), or if you are familiar with dial up networking, you can create a new modem dial up connection, chooisng the modem type which ends with a zero and specifying the dial up phone number as "p0,38", with all your other user details including .