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WIFI connection

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WIFI connection


I don't know if anyone will have the answer to this one. I got a new Ipaq at Christmas, and thought it would be good to be able to connect to my network. I got an SDIO wifi card, and had trouble connecting. I've managed to connect after a bit of trial and error, but after a few hours, I lose my connection. The Ipaq and the router both say I'm connected, but I get an unusual IP address listed on the Ipaq (as opposed to one linked to my router).

If I reset my router, I get the connection back again (for a while at least)
Any ideas what's causing the shut out?

Secondly, I believe that I should be able to link Activesync wirelessly, does anyone know how?

John :lol:

WIFI connection

Thank you I'm not the only one, lol.

I had major trouble, and it turned out it wasn't may router but the driver/firmware I was using on my ipaq, an update of both solved my problem. I hope you have the same luck.

As far as activesync wireless, still haven't managed that, I did get it to work over bluetooth, but due to the limitations of activesync it can only be done on ports 1- 4, but when you have all sorts of cables running irda, nokia manger, LG manager, bluetooth etc, managing to get a free port in there is a killer.

From what I've understood, and I must admit I haven't tried, if you finally manage to get your wireless running ok you should be able to set up an activesync server on your pc, then use your ipaq to connect via the web and sync that way.

I hope you manage it and prove me wrong on the activesync wireless as I'd love to know how.