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Voyager 205 Modem Connection Problems


Voyager 205 Modem Connection Problems


When I first got my broadband it was working fine for about 4 days non stop, but after a couple of weeks it has now started to drop after about 30seconds and sometime it will stay on all night. I am asuming that it is a problem with the modem as if it was the line I would expect an element of consistancy. I have also check the latency and it says its fast, but I am not sure how big a part this plays.

I've tried resetting the modem and rebooting it several times to no avail. Also the lights seem to do a strange array of actions, sometimes all of the lights will go on and other times the 2 lights on the right and the 2 on the left will flash together(this is quite rare though).

This is what I have tried, not all neccessarly at the same time:

Updating the firmware
Changed the microfilter
Turning of DCHP and assigned static ips
Turned off timeouts on the modem to make sure it was getting disconnected that way
Updated the ethernet drivers
Changed the setting from Auto Negotation to 100MB/Full Duplex on the modem and on the ethernet card.
I've checked all my Norton firewall settings to make sure the usual internal addresses are not being blocked.
All updates have been installed.

The only one thing that I havent tried is to setup the DNS ip address statically which is what I will try tonight.

Apart from that any other ideas what this is caused by?

I'm sure its due the modem being crappy, but I dont really want to fork out £55 for a decent netgear router.


Get Whooshed :-) Ivan

Hello rtunna,

I dont think the nature of your problem lies with your router or modem, IMO I do think your problem is phone line related and specifically line noise. Line noise accounts for a large percentage of ADSL connection problems,line noise can and does vary a great deal, varies from hour to hour and from one part of the day to another. Distance from the BT exchange can influence line noise to some degree as I understand it (i.e. line length, especially if your connection is close or on the length limits).

**When I first had my new BT phone line activated for ADSL my connection kept dropping out in a random fashion, it was infuriating too. However back then I was able to phone BT's DSL team and I spoke to an engineer who carried out some line tests & diagnostics for me then phoned me back. He was able to confirm line noise to be the cause or likely cause, he balanced my phone line, tweaked the "gain" on my line, this helps to then reduce line noise and thus stablised my connection, no more dropped connections ever since. Only the odd stale ADSL session thats easily sorted out.

**You need to contact F9 support by phone or open a support ticket and ask them if they could whoosh your line to confirm my suspicions. If line noise is detected it might need passing back to BT for further checks & sorting out.

**PS: Dont waste your time attempting to contact BT's DSL team because they wont help non BT ISP customers any more (you have to be a BT Openworld or BT Yahoo customer for them to help you, otherwise they will just tell you to contact your one ISP, Yes! even if your phone service is with BT).

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Voyager 205 Modem Connection Problems

I thought DSL operated at a different frequency? I've heard about getting the line gain increased through BT is a bit of a pain as normally their not too helpful in changing this. As far I was aware this was for the old style analog modems. The line is less than 100m from my flat, so I dont think the connection can be that bad.

I still think it is the modem as I have read several items on the internet deailing the issues with the modem. Also even if it is line noise the modem shouldnt be flashing like 'close encounters of the 3rd kind'.

I was able to get on last night for about 5 hours with no problem or cut offs.

This seems to be a inconsistant issue, but I've ordered a decent netgear modem/switch/router for £54, so this should solve the problem.

Heres all the info on the modem:

Voyager 205 Modem Connection Problems

Surprise suprise, I got my new modem/swtich/firewall/router a Netgear DG834, plugged it in, went through the setup. Entered my login details and then I was straight online with no problems or disconnections. This also took less than a minute to setup.

The voyager 205 modems obviously have faults that have not been addressed. The saying ' You get what you pay for' certainly applies here.

Avoid the the Voyager modems at all cost(literally) and buy a decent modem.


my hubbys a p/t mobile pc tech and he says he's had 3 205's so far needed replacing due to faults/failures that he's been called out for...must be cheap or at least easily available for him to have 3 callouts for same modem make he says,as usualy its a different make or model every time he's called out and rarely the same let alone the cause of call outs like has been 3 times last 12 months