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Voyager 105 won't syncronise


Voyager 105 won't syncronise

Hi everyone.

Last week I subscribed to Broadband Plus. I got an email from F9 saying that the phone line had been activated and it was all ready to use on friday. I only got home at about 9 PM on sunday, so decided to install my modem then.

I followed all the instructions correctly for my free voyager 105, and it all went well. It was plugged in correctly, Microfilters were all in place, and it was all ready to go.

It wouldn't syncronise. The power light was on, and the DSL light kept flashing. I tried to make it syncronise several times, but it wouldn't work. I uninstalled the drivers, and reinstalled them and it still wouldn't work. I only have two phone sockets. The master socket has a phone plugged into it, and the other one has my dialup modem. I swapped the microfilters, to make sure that it wasn't the microfilter that was the problem, and it still wouldn't work. I unplugged the phone and my dialup modem, and the ADSL modem still wouldn't syncronise. I then took my computer downstairs (the modem is USB powered) and plugged it in to the master socket. The DSL light still flashed. I also left it for about half an hour in the extension socket and it wouldn't work.

In the status section of the modems software, it says "training" for a few seconds, then says "no signal" for about a second. This repeats.

I have made sure that it is all installed correctly, my line is activated, it is all connected properly.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Does anyone know why it won't work?

Stephen Coates
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Voyager 105 won't syncronise

Hi Stephen,

Have a read through the following two tutorials and see if anything there helps


If not give the support team a call or raise a ticket via Contact Us and we'll run some remote testing on the line for you to see what's wrong.

Voyager 105 won't syncronise

I called them and part of the response on the contact us page was this:

Open : status check postline:


Circuit information: Upstream link info Downstream link info

Not in sync - suggest cct reset and line test

Frame Jumper Check Test:


PASS - Correct ADSL frame jumpers detected

Diagnostic Code: BJYO

Copper line test:

Line Test OK
Diagnosis Code: T005

All checks ok however woosh showing equipment may be powered off. It is not and is plugged in therefore to goto BT.

Could someone please translate that into a simple easy to understand form and tell me what all that means?


Voyager 105 won't syncronise

Got a phone call earlier. BT has sorted out the problem.