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Voice over IP and VPN and stuff!


Voice over IP and VPN and stuff!

Hi all

I have recently had a problem with a VPN connection into my employers servers. Bob and his team have sorted that now by changing my IP address because a server was blocking it at one of the hops. So now I'm back on my 1mg broadband link and happy ........ ish!

Some time ago (8 months or more) my VPN was working fine over the F9 ADSL link, and my Cisco Softphone software was also working a treat Cheesy . No changes were made on my laptop, but suddenly the IP phone stopped working. It started to block the incoming sound once the call connected. I was hoping that after Bob had sorted out my VPN, the soft phone would then work, but no luck :roll:

Do any of you have any ideas what would block sound coming back over the IP phone - it works fine at my employers networked site, so it can't be the headset.

My set up is (and was at the time it worked from home)

HP NC6000 laptop running XP Pro
NEtgear DG834 ADSL Firewall Router
F9 1mg Broadband link
CIcso IP Softphone
Logitech Headset.

I hear the dial tone, and the ringing tone, and then nothing!

Can anyone help, please?