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Virus Checking

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Virus Checking

Since I upgrade to broadband, I have started receiving messages from the PlusNet virus checker saying that it has quarantined an email addressed to me. I was a little surprised as I didn't realise that the virus checking service came free with the broadband package. Does this come free with the business broadband account aswell? We recently upgraded at work too, but I haven't seen any viruses being intercepted on that account?

Anyway, back to my home account, I am happy to have the virus checker on my incoming messages, but I think it is also checking outgoing messages. That's OK too I suppose, although I would rather it didn't attach the "This message has been checked for viruses...." message at the bottom of all my emails. Is there anyway to modify or remove this message without disabling the virus checker altogether?

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Virus Checking

Hi Phil,

All of the new Broadband Home accounts include anti-virus and spam protection as standard, you can configure them under Email Settings in the member centre.

At the moment they are an option on the business accounts (at £2.50+VAT per month).

Unfortunately you can't remove the footer message from the mails without deactivating the scanning.