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Very Slow Download Speed


Very Slow Download Speed

Firstly i would like to say im very happy with f9 service BUT over last 2 days i have expereninced a drop in my download speed, from 50-56kbs to 25-30kbs.

Has anyone else experinced similar problems or do f9 have any knowledge of this?

If this is some ploy to get me to upgrade to 1mb ADSL i wont be happy :shock:

but seriously, is anyone else experencing issues?


Very Slow Download Speed

I have had the f9 1meg line now for a few weeks and been happy dowloading at anywhere between 90k - 120k it seems but over the past few days and including tonight (monday) downloads have dropped to as low as 20k!!

I see that there have been some problems from the service page but as I understand it this was meant to have been fixed by now??

Mike :shock:

same boat

im a new subscriber from cable based broadband. (Rubberband as I label it)Initially with Force 9, I was getting 90-kbs, however, after a short reboot the other day, i've got as low as 18kbs on a 1mb connection with 20:1 contention. Money well spentHuh??

might dig out my old 56k modem. Was much cheaper at the price.

Any recommendations to resoloving this problem? Had 36kbs at 06:00am today, at 23:59 had 18kbs. Not exactly prime time usage when I tested against Force9's speed check. Should expect about 100kbs.

Have tested on muliple PC's & laptop. Virus free with only 1 device online! Also, have reset my router incase it picks up another line.

Info would be appreciated in resloving this.


Very Slow Download Speed

Since writing my last mail things have got better I am on the 1meg 50:1 connection and have had speeds of 110k download from IE 6.1 and all seems ok now!

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Very Slow Download Speed


BT are on the verge of making an annoucnement about problems they are having with capacity on some exchanges. Which exchanges are you on?

We can report this to BT and get an answer as to the problem if you can log the fault via the special link:Contact Us Wizard path - New Query > Connection Problems > Broadband > Speed related issue. You will need to collect all the information required there and then we can ask BT to investigate the problem in relation to your line and exchange.



Slow speed issue

I reported the problem at the weekend. Managed to follow the links but it took 1.5 hours to follow the links due to my connection issues. Get 3KBps download speed a lot of time with large amount of dropouts, although 60KBps Upload still. (ADSLGUIDE.ORG.UK speed checker).
Ended up E-Mailing results of tests you ask for to Support ,as unable to POST online.
Was informed that problem passed to BT for Woosh test. BT reported problem most probably at my house and engineer required to visit. Was informed that if my kit was the cause of fault. I would have to pay £50 + vat for visit. I managed to swap every piece of kit, Different PC, Filters etc and removed all phones from socket. Same problem existed still. Only kit I could not change was the router I had just purchased off of you as this was the only one I had. Was informed today by your helpdesk that if Router was cause of fault, I would have to pay for Engineer visit still. With your knowledge, I purchased a USB ADSL modem to replace to router for testing. (I work from home and rely 100% on my connection. Left NTL this month due to unreliable service)
After connecting the USB modem on a newly built PC tonight, the problem still exists, I have learnt now that this is a known problem, and the fact that BT have diagnosed the fault at my house is irrelevant. Im told not to proceed with the engineer visit despite talking with your support team this morning about the arrangements. I now have to wait until Force9 and BT sort problem.
Im a little annoyed that I had to pay out £40 for a USB modem I will never use again, however, this is insignificant compared to the disruption to my work.
Im a little narked at the moment about things, but understand I will receive E-Mail updates. Please make them regular. I need to have a working service ASAP. I take it there is nothing else im required to do, and no Engineer visits are required, despite the BT fault request to have access.


PS. How many users are affected. Are other ISP's affected?


Maybe I was a little harsh on F9 in my last post. My chasing of calls and trying to be too proactive in resolving issues may have affected the route I took. After F9 booked fault to BT, I checked BT's website for update, this website indicated a fault at my house. I contacted BT directly to arrange required engineer visit. Not through F9. I was aware that if prob was with my kit, £50+ VAT payment was due my myself. I phoned F9 support yesterday morning to check what happens if supplied router from F9 was cause. Was told I would be liable for BT Visit costs. I decided to purchase second modem to be 100% sure this was not my kit.
Im quite glad I have 2nd modem now as I now have a means to test against problems in the future and I can always rule out any of my equipment before BT are involved.
Was contacted by BT last night at 21:00. They had performed test which indicated that my line was running to acceptable specification. I explained about the download speed issues and that plusnet had reported larger scale problems with users. Engineers were unaware of thisHuh Overnight bandwidth (I assume) testing was completed on my router (Router logged into BT_Test domain)
This morning I logged back into Force9 and got acceptable speeds recorded. Have not been informed by BT if problem is now resolved. Will test again later today.
From what I have seen of the problem, the problem fluctuates severly. When downloading a file for instance I get the download in small bursts of data, with large timeouts in between. I can get 900+ Kbp/s 1 minute, 30 Kbps the next. On I measured 40Kbp/s download, 260Kbp/s upload.

FYI, My Force9 speed test results listed below for 1mb 20:1 connection.

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
09-12-2003 06:15:00 897
09-12-2003 06:03:54 904.1
08-12-2003 20:10:19 34.9
07-12-2003 12:29:42 443.3
07-12-2003 23:41:43 403.7
07-12-2003 10:36:56 65.8
07-12-2003 10:33:07 50.3
07-12-2003 10:22:05 361.5
07-12-2003 10:20:30 325.1
07-12-2003 10:19:39 284.8
07-12-2003 10:03:07 161.3
07-12-2003 10:02:24 264.1
07-12-2003 19:24:17 777.4
07-12-2003 15:11:58 657.6
07-12-2003 14:29:05 288.2
07-12-2003 14:09:31 425.6
07-12-2003 14:02:46 317.2
07-12-2003 13:58:40 603.1
07-12-2003 13:58:04 0
07-12-2003 13:41:48 99.3

Looking more promising.

Fault Found

A fault was found at my exchange which has now been resolved. Measure 900+ kbp/s on F9 speed checker. And got 112KBp/s average download speed.

Symptoms were long pauses when downloading file\webpages. During the pauses, I was unable to retrieve any data from any website. In most cases, the webpage would start to download, then pause for 30 seconds before continuing. (If at all).

Will see how things go.