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Utterly sick to death of Force 9?


Utterly sick to death of Force 9?

Personally I've had enough. I have given Force 9 a decent chance to get their act together but four months later my service is still rubbish.

Since I was moved to Tiscali (a move which I was not consulted about) my connection has been completly unstable and unworkable. To fix the instability Force 9 retarded my connection until I now have a steady connection, albeit at a speed less than dial up.

I have spent months writing emails, phoning help-lines etc etc and - well, I've still got no service - for which I pay a great deal of money.

Force 9 continue to answer my complaints with reassurances that 'everything is better now' but there is little evidence of this at my end.

I am now reduced to writing daily emails to Force 9 customer support (ha!) requesting my MAC number so I can leave their service. So far, so crap.

I have several friends who are having similar problems and was wondering if it's just us or if the problem is wider?

Utterly sick to death of Force 9?

I'm off too once someone gets their finger out and gives me a MAC.

F9 should be a compulsory subject in business courses as the ideal example of how to take a good company and completely ruin it through mismanagement and losing sight of the fact that customers ARE their business.

Fed up with the bullshit and empty promises from customer "service" so I'm voting with my feet.

I think I'm being screwed financially to get away from Force9 but I'm at the point where I will pay to be shot of them.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Utterly sick to death of Force 9?

Where are you going then.