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Using telephone cable for networking


Using telephone cable for networking

I have a PS2 in one room and a hub on the other side of the house. However, I want to get my PS2 online but all I have in that room is a telephone line. Does anyone know if it would be possible to use the four redundant wires within the telephone cable as network wires. This will mean I won't have to install a network cable in the PS2 room. Oh and wirelss networking isn't a possibility.
I was mainly worried about the interference. Any help would be great

Home Networking

Whilst some years ago (we're talking about 10years or more now) there was a fashion or fad for creating home network's and even some small business networks using telephone cables. Unfortunately telephone cables dont make for great speed or reliability or resilient networks in the sense your talking of, I wouldnt personally bother chasing this particular idea as I just dont see it as viable.

However the alternatives are very reasonably priced and easily availble via a good IT suppliers. All that you would require are a pair of network cards with the associated software & drivers, a small hub or switch (say 4 or 8 ports running at 10/100) and some CAT5 cables with RJ45 jacks on them. All of this could be bought for less than say £80-90.

Wireless home networking would be the most obvious choice or logical choice and I have several friends that use wirelss systems at home and have wireless home networks. They have no problems with interference or signal strength/s, the only thing that does require some indepth configuration was the WEP security settings to ensure the systems where hacker proof which they are now.

I would personally go for a wirelss home networking system, the kit is very good now and the speeds are awesome. Setup is easy and straight forwards.
The choice of ADSL wireless kit is very good now too.