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Using Foriegn Keys with PHP Database


Using Foriegn Keys with PHP Database

Hello, I now know how to insert data into databases and return results from a database. My dissertation involves me creating a PHP database and i know that i will probably be penalised if i use a flat file database. So what i want to do is create a database with 3 tables.


The primary Key of Product will be an auto incrementing int(2), and i need to have this as a forieng key in the other two tables. Problem is in my PHPAdmin it says these features are disabled. when i creat eth etable i haven't noticed an option for selecting foriegn key. How do i do this, or am i best off writing the SQL create code myself and including a foriegn key line in the create statement and then trying to run this statement through the PHPadmin centre

thanks for any help

Using Foriegn Keys with PHP Database

mySQL (AFAIK) only does explicit foreign keys in one sort of table - and they aren't available on Force9.You can use the foreign key concept, just not explicitly as far as I know.