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Usernames and Domains


Usernames and Domains

Apologies; not strictly a broadband question, but it does relate to an ADSL Home Surf account.

I recently assisted my neighbour in setting up their new Home Surf account with F9 and they have subsequently decided that their chosen username (for potential copyright reasons) isn't suitable.

Rather than change the username, if they were to register for their 1-pound-a-month domain name, would this cascade down to all their mailboxes? (they have set up individual mailboxes in the form username+mailbox)

The idea is to mask the actual F9 username for mail purposes.

Otherwise, what's involved in changing the username? Cancel the F9 account and recreate another? What about the 12-month minimum contract they signed up for?

Ian Kimber.

Usernames and Domains

OK, I think I've found the answer, in the following forum article:

Any comments still welcome though!!

Ian Shockedops:

Usernames and Domains

Yep, that looks about right.

user@domain.ext ==