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User Interface Experiment


User Interface Experiment

Hello Everyone,

I am currently undertaking some university work into User Interface Design, and have developed an experiment. I need a load of people to take part so I can get a good range of results, so please help.

The experiment tests multiple physical properties that might make up a user interface, for example button colour, positioning, background colour, and contrast etc. All of the properties are tested together to see how they interact with each other, and this should provide some interesting information. For more information see "Human Computer Interface Experiment" at

All you have to do to take part is download a small program from (300KB)

Run the test... it should only take around 5 minutes, save the results and then email me them to

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here, or by email.

Thanks for your help


*Edit* I forgot to say, if you let me know your from this forum, then i'll post some scores to see who is the fastest.... just for fun mind you Cheesy
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User Interface Experiment


I've just mailed you my results. Some things you may whish to consider in this test are screen resolution and size. I have a 19" screen and therfore it takes me longer to scan for the number '1', whereas a 15" screen is much smaller, fits within my field of vision, and therefore I could find the number quicker.


User Interface Experiment

Hi Mike, thanks for doing the test.

Yeah I had never thought about that. I currently just take screen resolution, which would account for a greater number of pixels for the cursor to travel over.